Dr Dimitris TsarouhasBilkent Üniversitesi

    Associate Professor Dr. Dimitris Tsarouhas has the relevant educational, academic and pedagogical skills to implement the project. His prior research focus on European Integration, reflected in his PhD research and subsequent books and journal publications, reflect his focus on European integration studies. Professor Tsarouhas sits on the Editorial Board of the journal Social Europe, and is regularly invited to act as a referee for several journals with European focus, such as European Journal of Political Research, Comparative European Politics Political Studies and Southeast European and Black Sea Studies. Over the last six years Professor Tsarouhas has taught 7 courses with a European focus. This expertise will ensure that the teaching quality of the project will be at the highest level. Professor Tsarouhas has also acquired extensive organizational skills, through his work as a project manager of the EU-funded “Bridges of Knowledge” Project and as co-organizer of workshops and conferences with a focus on European studies. He has acquired this experience through own research and by being a Research Associate of the Centre for European Studies (CES) of the Middle East Technical University (METU) in Turkey, as well as his 2012-15 Jena Monnet Chair project.

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